There are many words one could use to describe Media Matters but there is one thing they are not: liberal.

The people who run Media Matters do not believe in honest discourse or the free flow of ideas. They are in business to protect and promote one brand of political orthodoxy – far left — by slandering and intimidating any voice in the media who disagrees with them. That is the opposite of free speech. And that means Media Matters is the opposite of liberal.

Real liberals do not try to destroy their opponents with character assassinations. Instead, they engage them in debate using facts and ideas. Real liberals favor intellect over invective. Real liberals like to win arguments by proving their case better than their opponent – they do not try to dig up dirt on executives and producers to undercut the legitimacy of media outlets that have a different editorial bent.

I am a proud liberal and secure enough in my beliefs to refrain from ad hominem attacks and dishonest cheap shots at conservatives whom I disagree with.