Bachmann has message discipline. She’ll throw out red meat to her base but subtly and smartly so as not to be labeled a nut.

She is deeply entrenched in the issues of the day from foreign policy to the budget and boasts an impressive resume that she has no problem touting, unlike Palin, who relied on McCain advisors to assist in her branding.

Both women have shrewd political instincts and embraced the outsider persona when the country was disgusted with insiders, but Bachmann took the Tea Party to a new level by headlining the movement’s largest rally in Washington, D.C.

Rather than spar with those who buy ink by the barrel, a la Palin, Bachmann realizes that this can drag a candidate down and get them off track.

Instead, Bachmann blows of their nonsense and inherently biased questions with ease and coolly coasts back on message.