The idea is that decades from now, the animating appendage to the most successful cities will be massive international transit hubs combining air, rail and wheels that can get product from manufacturers in, say, China to buyers around the United States. It requires massive inventories of warehouses around the airport to store the product, massive improvements in the airport itself to handle the air carriers, and predictably, massive, massive public subsidies, at least if you’re going to build the thing from scratch on the backs of taxpayers.

And as you’d imagine, the promises made to hawk a project like this aren’t a far cry from the days of travelling salesmen and their talismanic tonics. Need your cattle flown to China overnight? Aerotropolis. Want your city to “seize the opportunity” and act on this “vision” before it “passes us by“? Aerotropolis. Want your hair darkened, your teeth whitened, your wife to love you and your children to praise you in song?