5. He Appeals to All Three Categories of Conservatives

Ronald Wilson Reagan was the first Republican candidate to bring together the conservatives across the economic, social values, and strong military spectrums. Governor Rick Perry has already demonstrated his ability to do the same.

His economic abilities have already been cited. But he also supported the “loser pays” tort-reform bill in Texas. Trivial lawsuits will automatically diminish in the future because those bringing them will have little incentive to try to shake down an organization by merely attempting to wear them out.

He also supported the sonogram law, pleasing pro-family advocates, which allows a legal abortion in Texas only after the mother of the unborn child is able to see her child with her own eyes first.

He also pushed for passage of a voter ID law which will go a long way to insure the integrity of the voting process in future Texas elections.

His shared values of faith, his belief in the decency of America, and his lack of apology for sticking to his beliefs contrast very well with a current president who is best described as “ruthlessly pragmatic.”