“You know I’m not a journalist, I’m a columnist and a commentator and working on being a media personality and I’m not mean, if you need a hard hitting interview I will be the first to say don’t go to me, I’m too nice,” McCain said. “I don’t like asking people uncomfortable questions because I know what it feels like on the other end. He’s very hard to interview. I was trying to ask him real questions and he’s like, ‘I love you, I love your family.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, thank you,’ and I’m such a like dork. I go, ‘That’s nice’ and people are jerks. So I don’t know and I did it and got so much pickup and got a lot of crap from people. But I took him seriously and I think that’s why it got so much attention, because I was like, ‘Are you really going to Iowa and is your family ready?’ I’m sorry you thought it was too ‘kissy.’”