But the main reason that Obama can take the members of his base for granted is that they love him so much that it gives them pangs. They are enraptured in the same way that conservatives swooned for Ronald Reagan, even when the Gipper had to cut deals with Democrats in a divided Washington.

When Obama went to Sony Pictures on Thursday night to raise money, he was greeted with a children’s choir singing “I Want to Shine Like Barack Obama Shines.” You’ve got to feel it pretty deeply for a guy to have the cherubim sing hosannas right in front of him – and also be sure that the object of your affection won’t be embarrassed by such a display.

The love comes from the fact that Obama looks and sounds like the president for whom they have waited for two generations.

Obama is a cerebral and deliberative Ivy Leaguer who gives paragraph-length answers and shops for organic produce, but so were Al Gore and John Kerry. What continues to make Democratic hearts go pitter-pat is knowing that they elected the first black president. And not just that, but a black president of exotic, multicultural lineage.