In all, DeMint endorsed five winning candidates, but three came after they won their primary. Had Republicans picked up three more seats, that still would not likely mean a majority, though the outcome in Washington is not yet known.

Despite GOP voters selecting these maverick wild cards, numerous senior Senate GOP aides on Wednesday laid the defeat of some of these candidates squarely at the feet of the junior senator from South Carolina whose Senate Conservatives Fund PAC raised money for the trio and promoted them.

“While Republicans and the Tea Party had a stellar night it’s clear that DeMint-style tactics resulted in Republicans losing several key Senate races including Nevada. These Democratic wins mean votes in support of all the things Republicans and the Tea Party oppose. DeMint’s tactics backfired,” accused one senior Senate GOP leadership aide…

Not surprisingly, DeMint’s people see it differently. “DeMint is proud of the strong, conservative candidates he has endorsed,” Wesley Denton, the senator’s spokesman, told Fox. “The establishment didn’t believe that conservatives could win in states like Pennsylvania, Florida and Wisconsin, but the voters proved them wrong. Certainly, a Senate with Senators Rubio, Paul, Toomey, Johnson and Lee is one all Republicans can be proud to stand with.”