Rand Paul vs. the neo-cons

What happened: The newly-elected Kentucky senator pledged to introduce a balanced budget amendment, and conceded that “there’s waste in the military budget,” which he would work with Democrats to cut. That puts him in opposition to neo-conservative hawks in the Senate who would argue that military spending ought to be sacrosanct.

What people said: Don’t forget Paul was endorsed by noted neoconservative hawk Jim DeMint, says Justin Raimondo at AntiWar.com. He moved toward “neoconnish foreign policy positions” while running for senator. “Will he stay true to his nationwide libertarian constituency?” I don’t think so. Paul is becoming more and more open about his belief that “government can only be fixed by radically changing it,” says Noah Kristula-Green at FrumForum. On the question of cutting defense, he’s even suggesting a willingness to partner with Democrats.