The Left always has trouble dealing with the human remainder from their draconian social calculations. Environmentalists have been muttering darkly about overpopulation for decades. Leftist governments, including the current American president, respond to double-digit unemployment with helpless confusion. Their carefully-designed societies crumble beneath the weight of superfluous people. Their plans rely on absolute compliance from captive populations. Given any amount of power, the Left almost immediately begins talking about censorship, in one form or another.

Free people admire renegades who put their money where their mouth is. Collectivists demand absolute obedience to their agenda, and prosecute thought crimes. Left to curl up on a thick bed of British taxpayer money, the 10:10 group began daydreaming of little red buttons that could erase the human remainder with grisly explosions. Totalitarians always find such notions hilarious. It was a bust in the Western world, but I’m sure “No Pressure” would have the elites of Havana and Pyongyang rolling in the aisles.