Get-out-the-vote (GOTV) advantages for the left . Like it or not, the Obama team showed a superb ability in 2008 to turn out its vote. And the unions and trial lawyers, just as freed up by the Citizens United campaign finance case as are all those supposedly evil corporations, will be awash in untraceable money that will find its way to the “streets” — where only local enforcement, if it’s honest, can stop its misuse, because the federal Department of Justice will not, repeat will not, prosecute anybody on the left for buying votes from the prisons and graveyards.

Meanwhile, there is no obvious evidence that the Republican party committees are anywhere near as well focused on GOTV as was the Rove-Gillespie-Mehlman team in 2004, with its micro-targeting and its deliberate piggybacking on state referenda and its whole, meticulously designed GOTV roll-out. Say what you will about the Rove team on other fronts, but its GOTV efforts in 2004 were brilliant — and, at least at the RNC, which is where funding and organization of such “party-building” activities usually originates, the Republicans seem curiously delinquent this year.