There’s no question, Tom Friedman is right, you’re right. There’s an opening there; millions, tens of millions of Americans. I still think the only person who can do this, who can exploit that opening is Michael Bloomberg. It still requires somebody with hundreds of millions of dollars to be able to fund independent of the party structure and all the groups that raise and give money. So, I think there’s room for Michael Bloomberg and there’s room in the abstract for someone else…I think if the Republicans nominate someone who looks like they’re captive to the Tea Party, if unemployment is north of 8 percent, given Michael Bloomberg’s age and desire to be president, despite what he said last week, despite the institutional challenges, I think he will run and I think if he targets $2 billion or $3 billion, well it’s not impossible that he could win. If the country’s looking for a can-do manager, the country’s looking for somebody who can rise above partisanship as we’ve talked about so many times, I think he would have a chance to win. If the Republican nominee again is someone again who could be characterized as the extreme right, if the president looks like he’s not up to the job. If unemployment’s 10 percent and if it’s Bloomberg-Petraeus against Sarah Palin and whoever against Obama, and Bloomberg spends $3 billion, who would you bet on?