Witness Carol Swain, the law school professor who testified before Colbert, was ticked at being overshadowed by a fictional talk show host. But she scored, too. Before the hearing was over, Swain’s Twitter and Facebook followings soared. People e-mailed her at Vanderbilt University Law School. A guy recognized her the next day in the grocery store.

“It’s increased my visibility in a number of ways,” Swain said Monday. “I don’t think it would have gotten that much attention had he not been on the panel.”

United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez, who also joined Colbert at the witness table on Friday, said he, too, has seen an increase in e-mails and Facebook followers. Inquiries to the United Farm Workers “Take Our Jobs” website also jumped, he said.

“The last big media attention we had like that is really going back to when Cesar passed away in 1993,” Rodriguez said, referring to UFW founder and farm worker Cesar Chavez.