I’m not from Delaware, so I have no vote to cast tomorrow night. If I did, I would find myself reluctantly persuaded by the argument for Castle. It’s a pity O’Donnell isn’t a better candidate, and Delaware isn’t an easier state to win over. Good Republican leadership in the Senate should be able to keep Castle on board for the really important votes, and he might just be the leverage that puts the Senate into their hands. The damage being done to the country by Obama is so horrific that I can’t consign us to another two years, if the chance exists for a fully Republican Congress to slam on the brakes… even if leaving a divided Senate under nominal Democrat control until 2012 might be tactically preferable for the next Presidential campaign.

Having said that, I disagree with Charles Krauthammer that Palin and Jim DeMint’s endorsement of O’Donnell is “destructive” or “irresponsible.” They’re big-picture idea people. Their honest endorsement of a candidate who vocally supports their ideas is not damaging. On the contrary, it proves they mean what they say, and intend to put serious muscle behind the positions they view as critical to getting America back on track.