Diagnostics of the country’s current direction are markedly divergent based on age. Fifty-four percent between 18 and 29 say they are satisfied “with the way things are going in this country today.” Only 28 percent of those from 30 to 49 and 22 percent from 50 to 64 share that opinion. Over 65, only 19 percent are satisfied with the general direction of the country.

Those national outlook figures track closely to people’s perception of the job Obama is doing. The president is doing an excellent or good job, according to 45 percent of the youngest voters, 47 percent of whom rate him fair or poor. From there, his numbers slide, bottoming out among voters between 50 and 64 at 34 percent to 63 percent for the positive/negative split. A mere 39 percent of voters over 65 think the president is doing at least a good job, while 53 percent rate him fair or poor.

Asked why Obama polled well among young and minority voters, Gregg offered a small smile and replied, “He’s a charismatic guy.”