We have hit the cross-over point at which the cost of government policies has become too high for the market economy to bear their burden. Government policies restrict supply artificially, create artificial demand for what no one would willingly supply at the designated price, and make what is voluntarily supplied and willingly demanded cost more than it otherwise would. Those are the effects government can have. Whatever it does, government is always having one of those effects.

And some level of government is a necessity, of course. It’s overhead for civilized human life, like paying a utility bill. But the cross-over point is hit when the market economy of willing transactions can no longer operate in a healthy manner under the burden of government policies. We’ve hit that point. We have made business and employment cost so much that in too many industries, it is artificially uneconomic to attempt them. It’s government policy that, too often, has inserted itself between our justly famous work ethic and the productive economic activity we could be engaging in. An economy can bear only so much of a burden of politically-motivated tinkering before the people’s behavior changes. And ours has changed.