McCormack’s experience squares perfectly with O’Donnell’s brief visit last week with Examiner editorial staffers last week. She produced an old poll in which she led the Democrat in the general election, even though we pointed out a more recent one in which she trails by double digits. She repeated her paranoia about Tom Ross and Scott Rasmussen.

Asked whether her campaign was spreading online rumors that Castle would switch parties after the election, she answered: “There’s enough people in Delaware who believe because of deals that have been cut before and looking at the writing on the wall that Castle might switch parties…It’s something that people have come to us with, but we certainly didn’t originate it.”

Moran then added that Castle switching parties was within “the realm of reason” and suggested that Castle was dodging inquiries about the rumor.

I think it’s certainly in the “realm of reason” that O’Donnell is running a campaign full of delusions, ignorance and paranoia.