We will see if IAEA is pressed by Western governments to do anything about this information. But if the lassitude of the US response is an indicator, I’m not holding my breath. This is really inexcusable, however. Iran does dig a lot. Iran is not so wealthy and multifarious, however, that she could build 10 new uranium enrichment facilities and not be putting them in some of the underground installations we already know she’s digging out. It’s not just bad leadership to speak dismissively of this new report, it’s execrable analysis. If Iran is going to expand her uranium enrichment capability, we should look first where she’s already tunneling. That’s axiomatic.

If we knew for sure the Qazvin site wasn’t to be used for nuclear-related activities, the DOD spokesman would have said more than merely that we have no information. He could easily have said, without getting specific, that US analysts have another assessment: that we have reason to believe the PMOI report is wrong. He didn’t say that, although there would have been good reason to give that assurance, and there’s none to withhold it.