Most of The Rich don’t want to do these things. Contrary to the populist caricature, they don’t enjoy driving gold-plated golf carts through piles of treasure in sealed vaults. They would prefer to increase their wealth, and the middle class is hungry for their investment dollars. Beyond a certain point, their focus turns from increasing their fortunes to protecting them. This is precisely the point at which both public tax revenue, and private sector economic growth, begin to suffer in tandem.

Alternatively, The Rich can use their wealth and influence to manipulate a statist system to their benefit. A casual review of the news on any given day will reveal numerous examples of such manipulation. Corruption is not unique to the Obama Administration, but it has increased to historic levels, precisely because the rich and powerful are eager to buy themselves seats behind the controls of the regulatory combine preparing to thresh the rest of us like so much wheat. It’s no surprise that some of the richest people in the world are high officials in various basket-case People’s Republics. If you dislike the American upper class now, trust me – you’ll like them even less when they become the nomenklatura.