The NAACP, and similar groups, gain prestige and authority through the patronage of politicians. In return, they offer precious moral capital to the politicians they endorse. This is a completely closed system, accessible only by members of the political and cultural elite, who support the agenda of increasing government power… with very expensive associate memberships available to well-heeled donors of compatible ideology.

When we observe that no Republican could hope to have his biography re-written to transmute bitter racism into championship service in the cause of civil rights, we aren’t merely clucking our tongues at the unfairness of partisan dirty pool. We’re watching one of the supreme moral judgments of our society become another sharp fang in the jaws of the leviathan State. Few indictments in our culture are more devastating than the charge of racism… and this charge is applied, or neutralized, almost entirely on the basis of the target’s usefulness to the State.