Instead of chasing moderates around with a plastic smile and a stack of business cards, Frum should face the unpleasant truth: there are no moderates any more. The Democrat Party nuked them into the Stone Age with ObamaCare, and it’s planning to blow away the ashes with cap-and-trade, massive tax increases, and a hundred other aggressive expansions of the State. What Frum views as sensible moderation is actually passive capitulation to radicalism. He’s talking about building a toll booth from popsicle sticks and waving a carefully printed fee schedule at the approaching eighteen-wheeler of the Obama super-State, which is coming down the left lane at a hundred miles per hour… and it doesn’t have any brakes.

Obama is hopelessly corrupt and incompetent. He’s totally useless in the face of foreign aggression, or a domestic crisis like the Gulf oil spill. His behavior has led state governors to the same conclusion as the passengers on the Underwear Bomber flight: if you want to survive, forget he exists and fend for yourself. His incompetence is partially a result of his single-minded focus on what he views as his true mission: increasing the power of the State, without reason or purpose, discussion or accountability. It will take a spectacular President, following a disciplined Republican Congress, to undo the damage Obama has done… and we need them to do more than that. We need them to address the systemic flaws that would have detonated our unsustainable entitlement state only a few years later, if Obama had never come along.