“I want to capture had him alive and bring him into justice,” he remarked to Hill, “just like Saddam (Hussein), who was insane. He went down like a dog, because he was in a hole. He came out. Then he had his big boast in front of the courts and the world and stuff, and he got hung. Now, he’s just a byword.”

Faulkner admitted all the publicity his arrest got may have tipped his hand somewhat, but said he’s not concerned about getting past bin Laden’s heavy security. “I’m a thief. I’m there to boost him. So, you know, I don’t plan on doing the job because I want to get caught. I’m there to get something. So, whether it’s to get into someone’s house to go to a bank or whatever, I’m there to get him. He is the same thing, no different than anything else.”