Gun control is one of many old collectivist fantasies melting away in the harsh light of undeniable truth. Another is the daydream of “alternative energy.” Such technologies will certainly be developed in the long run, but they provide no viable alternative to fossil fuel consumption at the present time. The economic repercussions of fabulously expensive, or tightly rationed, gasoline would be staggering. The retail price of almost all goods would skyrocket, while industries dependent upon cheap and reliable transportation would wither. Imagine the blow to employment that would be delivered by the end of affordable commuting in suburban areas. The “alternative” to oil is not green jobs and clean energy, but unemployed people sitting in the dark.

The entire Western world is suffering a painful lesson about the fantasy of limitless government resources. The pool of evil, faceless rich people who can be taxed to provide socialist benefits turns out to be quite limited indeed. Absurd benefits promised to unionized employees are not a perpetual motion engine for State growth. They’re a locomotive racing toward the brick wall of insolvency. The ridiculous concept of static analysis lies in ruins, as it becomes painfully obvious to all but the most delusional true believers that rising tax rates and government spending do strangle economic growth over the long term.