The long-term significance of the Terror Flotilla is that it gives the worldwide Left one more dose of sedative to deal with the possibility of a coming horror in Israel. They’ve long since grown weary of dealing with the problems that tiny nation creates, and begun telling themselves it might just be better for everyone if it ceased to exist. Look how quickly the Left agrees with the Palestinian narrative that every problem in the Middle East is caused by the Jewish state… with the implied conclusion that all those problems would disappear if Israel does.

Anti-civilization wishes to convince the elite of the civilized world that its crimes are understandable, and the victim had it coming anyway. It’s already delighted to know the democracies of the world are less than enthusiastic about standing beside the little democracy it plans to drown. What we’re seeing now is part of the long prologue to something the global Left is slowly, quietly convincing itself will be the tragic but inevitable end to a complicated story. In truth, it will only be the beginning. Anti-civilization is both merciless, and relentless.