The sloppy craftsmanship and outrageous over-reach of ObamaCare make it a “magic eye” portrait of an incompetent president and party. As you stare at the countless little fraudulent cost estimates, unplanned side effects, and economy-killing mandates, a 3-D image of an upraised middle finger materializes. This is a deadly narrative for a Democrat Party that claims its handful of legislators and bureaucrats can run our massive economy better than millions of private citizens. Americans are understandably angry at a Democrat Congress which rammed through a trillion-dollar health-care takeover, but can’t produce a coherent annual budget.

There is also the matter of shaping public opinion about that health-care takeover. When liberals describe “ObamaCare” as a pejorative, they’re worried about belittling the program, not the President. This is supposed to be a mighty Health Care Reform Act, bringing compassion and order to the heartless and chaotic world of health insurance. The public is not supposed to see it as a vanity project, an epic legislative poem celebrating the glory of a mighty emperor. They’re certainly not supposed to see it as a catastrophic example of greed and arrogance, forever tied to a man who had no qualifications for the office he held, let alone the offices he wanted to subjugate.