Perhaps more telling are the stories Newsweek didn’t get the scoop on. In this decade it was the National Enquirer, not Newsweek, that revealed liberal hero and presidential candidate former senator John Edwards was having an affair with Rielle Hunter. Where was Newsweek’s head? Into earnestly publishing Edward’s musings (2006) on how America needed “real moral leadership.” Really. No kidding.

Then there was the 1998 Clinton-Lewinsky story, developed by reporter Michael Isikoff — and spiked by editors. Were it not for the then-new on the scene conservative founder Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report, the entire incident could have remained hidden from the American people.

In 1978 Newsweek was busy pushing President Jimmy Carter with stories from reporter Eleanor Clift like “Carter’s Momentum” (October 9, 1978) and “Carter’s Upswing,” while reporter Susan Fraker got the October 2, 1978 cover with a smiling cartoon of Mr. Jimmy beneath the exuberantly hopeful headline “Born Again!” All this, mind you, when Carter’s liberal policies were sending the American people into such fury they gave Ronald Reagan a 44-state victory two years later…

[W]hat was really going on here over all this time was the increasingly strained song of the canary in the coal mine of liberalism — in this case the mine tunnel that housed the credibility of the mainstream media. Newsweek itself will one day make a fascinating case study of how a magazine that so shamelessly pumped out PR for the failed liberal agenda under the guise of straight news began itself to fail as the agenda’s results failed.