Maher, a cable TV star and avid pot smoker, operates in the new world order, where willing-to-say-anything television opportunists such as Glenn Beck lead America’s political debate by stirring intolerance.

It’s sad to see Maher join them. There are rumors that CNN wants to hire Maher to rescue it from irrelevancy. Two weeks ago, ABC gave Maher a seat alongside George Will and others on the influential “This Week” program, a sign that Maher’s profile is expanding well into the mainstream.

Will Maher use his enhanced platform to tell me my mother is “delusional?”

It was faith that gave my mother the strength to work a full shift at a factory and a second job at night so that my brother and I could live in a safe neighborhood with a good school system.

Or will Maher attack my grandmother’s faith?

It was her belief in Christ that allowed her to move emotionally and mentally beyond the racist atrocities her family endured living in the South.

Does Maher believe that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and a group of atheists withstood water hoses, police batons, dogs, lynchings, bombings and jail so that dark-skinned citizens could pursue the American dream?