RATIGAN: Now listen to me, if you want to buy gold because you’re concerned about paper currency, which is very reasonable, I suggest you buy gold. Just don’t do it with the extra subsidy that Goldline is delivering to Glenn Beck for his fear mongering which is 90 percent more than you could buy the same exact gold if you just went to the financial markets, the ticker is G-L-D. Feel free. You can buy it and sell it all day long. It trade at one the lowest fee investments that you can make. The only problem here is that Glenn Beck and Goldline are largely snake oil salesman and scumbags trying to create money for themselves at the expense of everybody in this country. You want to buy gold, buy gold. You want to get scared out of your mind and then buy gold, do that, too. Just don’t buy it those stupid gold coins for twice as much of the G-L-D if you’re worried about future of paper currency. It’s dumb. You’re not dumb, he’s dumb, I’m sorry I looked at the camera. They’re dumb, you’re fine.