This is a lovely teachable moment, because it highlights what an overly regulatory, overly litigious state can do to you. It doesn’t have to come out in the open and make laws against you and your opinions. All it needs is the category of regulation that might get someone you want to do business with in trouble. (The lawyers will take care of the rest.) And it needs unaccountable agencies through which to act. There are probably three dozen agencies, just at the federal level, that could be used to torture Apple in the back room, far away from any media coverage or recourse with the public.

Does Henry Waxman, who’s been in Congress since January 1975 and chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee, have ways to sic the Feds on Apple? You bet he does.

That’s our America in 2010, folks. If we want to change it, we couldn’t start with a better move than replacing Henry Waxman with Ari David. In the meantime, decorating Apple’s face with egg will go a long way. Pass it on.