Capitalism deserves praise for being ruthless. One of the fundamental delusions of the Left is that wealth creation is easy. Many politicians have never run a private-sector business. They don’t appreciate how much savage effort it takes to build a profitable enterprise, or how many tough decisions must be made along the way. The ability to insulate themselves from accountability is one of the primary skills of the political class. The ability to strip away such insulation is a key attribute of successful business management. The difficult battles of enterprise leave some broken competitors on the field, but they produce countless victories for consumers.

Capitalism should be honored for its chaos. The markets are illuminated with the random genius of competitors free to gamble on thousands of solutions. The stale ideology of the statist is no match for this wild power. A politicized economy cannot be brilliant, because it finds too many alternatives unthinkable. It cannot inspire progress, because it works backward from the conclusions of ideology. When the State nationalizes an industry, it declares a product to be “above” the petty business of trade… and something which cannot be traded loses its value. The socialist destroys value by declaring something to be “free.” There’s no reason to expect growth amid the fiery destruction of value.

Finally, capitalism should be appreciated for its ambition, which the socialist falsely classifies as “greed.” Greed involves taking wealth from others. That’s what socialists do… and it should not escape your notice that the top dogs in a socialist government live extremely rich lifestyles, even when they preside over nations trapped in desperate poverty.