Not all of the drive to excommunicate Republicans or the Tea Party comes from pure partisanship. Establishment media figures, including some nominally on the Right, are made confused and uneasy by the notion of “alienation from government.” They understand that the system itself, not merely individual politicians, is coming under sustained and principled assault. Far from a witless mob chanting slogans of mindless anger, the increasingly libertarian Right is drafting manifestoes and designing action plans for the post-Big Government era. They are asking moral and practical questions for which command-economy socialism has no answer. The plan to intimidate them into silence didn’t work, so the new plan is to intimidate moderate voters out of listening to them. Meanwhile, the witless mobs with mindless slogans and pitchforks are filled with union members demanding a government takeover of health insurance.

The Left still has a powerful media loom upon which to weave the ugly shroud of contempt, but it’s a weapon that only works against inarticulate victims. Cutting through it quickly and forcefully is the best defense. No Republican, Tea Partier, or concerned citizen should quietly suffer insults that would never be tolerated against the consecrated constituencies of the Left. Linking Joseph Stack to the Tea Party movement is no more reasonable than linking homicidal maniac Amy Bishop to the National Education Association, because they share her fawning obsession with Barack Obama. The implication that mistrust of our bloated, blind government is a gateway drug to terrorism reduces the American tradition of independence to a psychosis.