Levi Russell, a spokesman for the Brown-supporting Tea Party Express, said the rhetoric is a “sign of desperation” from Coakley’s backers.

“It’s funny — if your views differ at all with the Democratic establishment, then you’re obviously a far-right extremist,” he said. “None of that messaging is addressing Scott Brown on the validity of his views. It goes straight to name-calling.”…

“Not only is Scott Brown an enthusiastic member of the movement, but his fellow tea partiers are bankrolling his campaign,” the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said in a blog on its Web site. The DSCC also referred to his “right-wing views” and “radical record.”

But Brown is hammering the Democrats, accusing the party of bringing out the machine to trip up his race. Asked about Schumer’s fundraising e-mail Thursday, Brown called it “unfortunate.” “I’m not into name-calling. … so shame on Chuck,” he said.