“In my opinion, there are three things that might be going on here. Either he’s a sports icon that got a lot of access, was able to get away with this kind of stuff, and he was just a player, like a lot of people are saying, or he’s a sex addict, based on the numbers and possibly the underlying stuff that’s going on, which we’ll find out, if he’s in treatment. And the third possibility is he’s a love addict. And the reason I say that is that the typical sex addict might act out sexually on their underlying stuff, but then they move on, or the focus is just on the sex; it’s not on the intimacy or connectedness, or the holding onto a relationship. If the reports are true that he’s really holding onto all of these relationships with these women and trying to connect with them in an intimate way, then this may be love addiction as opposed to sex addiction. It’s hard to know.”