Politifact director and St. Pete Times Washington Bureau chief Bill Adair told The Daily Caller the president’s hovering around “50-50″ in the number of promises kept versus broken. More than 80 are in the former category, including the expansion of SCHIP, a directive to end the Iraq War, the scheduling of a troop surge in Afghanistan and the delivery of a speech “at a major Islamic forum” within Obama’s first 100 days in office. About 262 promises are “in the works,” which means there is evidence of forward momentum: a speech, a meeting or a proposal has been given, held or made. (Adair admits that Politifact is rather “generous” with this category.)

Only 14 promises have been broken, but all of them have been contentious: the failure to provide a guaranteed end to income taxes on seniors who make less than $50,000 a year, denying penalty-free need-based withdrawals from retirement accounts and the assurance of transparency, which would have required the health-care debate to be televised on C-SPAN, for example.

Politifact maintains another category that frequently sees its entries bumped into broken: “stalled.”