John Connelly, a registered Republican who describes himself as an archconservative, feels no disappointment because he never placed any hope in Obama’s presidency in the first place. “I knew what was coming even before he was elected,” says the 68-year-old retired attorney who lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.

Rather, some of the truest Obama believers are among the most letdown.

Consider the anti-war activist upset that Obama has yet to end the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Or the socially liberal surgeon disillusioned with what he sees as a weak stab at health care reform. Or Boyd, “50-ish” and out of work a year now, bitter that the man he backed hasn’t delivered more jobs.

They speak of disappointment in the state of our union. Disappointment in themselves for expecting so much so fast. Disappointment, especially, in the man who, as Boyd says, “raised the bar so high.”