He said he would support gay marriages but ran away from that issue faster than Tiger Woods hot-footed it away from his wife who was swinging a 3-iron in his direction for being a serial adulterer.

He’s just as bad in his passivity as Bush was in his aggression to deal with terrorists who’d love to bring the US to its knees while killing as many people as possible. Bush, who was asleep at the wheel for eight years, waking up every so often to order somebody’s toenails pulled out, had his shoe bomber, and Obama has his underwear bomber, his own al-Qaeda operative who tried to bring down an airliner with plastic explosives. Obama accepted the blame for the failure of US intelligence agencies who’ve been hamstrung by his orders to go easier on suspects and interrogation, although someone should have informed him that terrorists groups don’t follow the Geneva Convention. The murder of 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood in Texas by a US Army soldier who had terrorist leanings wouldn’t have happened either if the spooks the US employs to stop them were allowed to do their jobs.