It takes a while to digest monumental events, like the election of Scott Brown as the new Republican senator from Massachusetts last night. Initial responses are interesting because of the way they illuminate character. The Obama Administration has finally produced a shovel-ready job, as liberal spin doctors will spend the next few weeks burying the embarrassing performance of Democrats and their media allies from last night through this morning.

Last night, the media announced their discovery of an amazing new source of renewable energy: the Wave Of Anger, strong enough to carry a pickup truck, and the affable fellow trapped inside, from Wakefield, Massachusetts to Washington, D.C. It wasn’t easy to write that narrative over the roars of laughter and music from Brown’s supporters, but the media remained stubbornly focused on the task. They’ll drop that action line over the next few days. When you keep telling people they’re irrational and angry, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, they respond by ignoring you. The dying liberal media includes too many terminally ill newspapers and cable-news shows to afford provoking ignorance from the vast and growing movement that celebrated its latest and greatest victory on Tuesday night.