The mythological Chimera was said to breath fire. The modern version breathes greenhouse gas. The global-warming scam is based on manipulating data to create the ominous shadow of a monster lurking in the indeterminate future – a shadow so terrible that questions dismissed as suicidal madness. Speaking in Copenhagen today, Tony Blair conceded the Climagate scandal renders global-warming science “not as certain as its proponents allege,” but quickly added that it would be “irresponsible” not to take this fraudulent science seriously anyway. There is no escape from the Chimera.

If the global-warming cult is given the fantastic amount of money and power it demands, it will spend the rest of history assuring its victims that only swift and unquestioning compliance with its agenda prevented a global catastrophe… which could return at any moment. Make no mistake: giving in to the climate-change elite will bring about the creation of the most powerful, lavishly funded religion the Western world has ever seen, and it will never stop issuing dire threats to maintain its position. The Chimara can never be permanently slain, and you will never be allowed to stop fearing it, or paying for protection against it.