It would be interesting for Continetti to explain why Palin is more like Reagan and not more like Nixon. Again in the case of Nixon the similarities between him and Palin are limited. Nixon a very intelligent man (not wise though) with a deep knowledge and command of the national issues, was nevertheless loathed by Washington and he could appeal to his base only in proportion to the perceived animus of his detractors.

Sarah Palin reminds us of a certain someone who we are forever called to judge not for his accomplishments but for his promising potential. In conservative circles it does feel like we are all in a classroom similar to that created by Muriel Spark in The Prime of Mrs. Jean Brodie. We are asked to risk the future of the Republican party so that Mrs. Palin, now in her political prime, has the chance to realize her ill-defined political and perhaps personal goals. “For those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like” but for the rest of us who take the future of the conservative movement in America seriously, this is a very scary scenario.