1. Trita Parsi claims to speak on behalf of Iranian-Americans, but he is not an Iranian-American. Parsi is not a U.S. citizen; he holds passports from Iran and Sweden. Parsi’s allies claim his critics have unfairly questioned Parsi’s loyalty to this country–or accused Parsi of dual loyalties. If Parsi’s loyalties are divided (and it’s not clear that they are), then they are divided between Sweden and Iran.

2. In fact, the evidence suggests that Parsi’s loyalties are not divided at all but lie entirely with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Times reports that Parsi set up a group similar to NIAC in Sweden in 1997. The group’s stated goal was to “safeguard Iran’s and Iranian interests.” That organization did not understand democratic reform as a core Iranian interest but rather sought to bolster the current regime by “the removal of U.S. economic and political sanctions against Iran, and the commencement of an Iran-U.S. dialogue.”