“The new organization, the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, will from this point onward act as the regime’s main security force,” Rajavi told journalists Thursday in Brussels…

“Its command structure is linked directly to Khamenei (and) its formation marks an unprecedented transformation for the regime’s intelligence and suppressive apparatus,” Rajavi said.

She said the guard’s intelligence agency will incorporate seven existing security organizations. These include sections of the Internal Security Directorate and Ministry of Intelligence and Security, the Security Directorate of the Basij force, anti-riot forces and the main security headquarters for Tehran, Rajavi said.

“The objective is to centralize the intelligence and security organs in a way that makes the new organization dominant and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security subservient,” she said. “The new organization will be directly controlled by Khamenei (and) will not be dependent on the president or the Majlis (parliament).”