RUSH: All right. So these two wizards of smart, folks… (laughing) It’s almost not fair playing these sound bites and commenting on them. These two wizards of smart have come to the conclusion that if Hoffman wins it’s great news for the Democrats. Did I not tell you that before I even heard the sound bites, in my brilliant monologues in the first hour of today’s program predicting media spin and reaction? So here she is. Gloria, you know, you’re… I got an e-mail. I’ll tell you the story. I got an e-mail about a quarter ’til one, Eastern Time, 25 minutes ago, from a journalist at a magazine. And the e-mail said, “You know, Rush, we’d like to offer you a thousand words or 2,000 words to write a column making a case for a third party, looking at what’s happening in New York 23.”

So I wrote back during the commercial break, “Sorry, but I can’t make the case for a third party. What’s happening in New York 23 is not anything to do with a third party. There was no primary there. Party bosses picked a losing candidate and Republicans in the district got fed up and one of them decided to run himself on the Conservative Party line. The Conservative Party is not a third party. It always backs the Republican Party when it’s worth it, in New York. So find somebody else to write your pro-third-party business, because as far as I’m concerned the third party means eternal victory for Democrats.” So she writes back, “Oh, oh, I… Uhhh, I… You know, I haven’t looked at it that way. I think I see your point.” As for Gloria Borger, how many Republicans has she actually met who are conservative?