For real fans — especially those rooting for a contending team like my New York Giants — not watching is a lot harder than giving up sweets for Lent. Playoff-bound teams don’t come along every year. Generation-long gaps can appear, like everything between Y.A. Tittle and Lawrence Taylor.

Still, I’ve put my Giants cap up in the garage, next to the Law & Order ball cap I wore during the L.A. riots. Sunday’s Giants-Saints game is off the DVR “to-do” list. Watching the games this week would feel disloyal to a great broadcaster whose free speech is under attack by the left. I don’t know how long the feelings will last.

Perhaps the football commissioner will apologize for his one-sided remarks. Maybe some conservative NFL players will speak up in support of Rush. Because until there is some atonement, the NFL, one of the great brands in sports and media, will be tainted in my eyes.