But one uncommon alliance that has yet to emerge is between women’s rights groups in America and those calling for a renewed military commitment to the war in Afghanistan. Understanding the plight of Afghan women, women’s groups in America have timidly stood for the cause of Afghan women’s rights, supporting for example the “civilian surge” to help improve the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan. But where are the voices of American women’s organizations in the current debate about supporting President Obama’s new strategy and his new commander’s request for more troops?

Some women’s organizations have stood up against calls to abandon Afghanistan. This summer, the President of the Feminist Majority Foundation wrote, “We cannot endorse this position because the cost to women and girls would be too high and the U.S. responsibility for the current failed state of affairs in Afghanistan is too heavy.” But this stance is all too rare among major women’s organizations in the U.S., and the pushback from the American feminist community has been significant.