This goes beyond simply feeling disgust at seeing such huge paychecks thrown around when unemployment in New York City is topping 10%. It’s about common decency.

Goldman, it’s not okay to pretend you’re not floating on government capital just because you paid back $10 billion in TARP money and $426 million in interest. (Thanks, we working slobs are still waiting for our Treasury refund checks in the mail.) It’s not okay to pretend it’s just the good-ol’ free market in action when you got another $12.9 billion from the government because your old trading partner, AIG, was about to implode and renege on its commitments to you.

It’s not okay to use the FDIC to back $30 billion of debt, when the whole purpose of the FDIC is to back commercial banks that provide financial services for mere mortal types.

It’s not okay to pretend you understand the predicament of the rest of the population, when you clearly don’t.