USA Today also asked, with adorable earnestness, “Did Letterman Ruin His Image?” The better question is, “What image?” If anything, he simply solidified it.

The coverage of the Letterman “scandal” reveals more about the media’s celebrity worship than it does about him. Letterman’s defenders in the press acrobatically vacillate between lionizing him as a modern-day Jonathan Swift and downplaying the implications of his stage insults, insisting, “He’s just a comedian.”…

A poll shows the “scandal” in fact did not change the perception of most Letterman viewers. No surprise. Despite Dave’s regular attempts at mocking their intelligence, his viewers aren’t stupid.

They saw what was clear to everyone without gills: David Letterman is a sexist and a sleaze. That we now have a public admission is incidental. Sorry, media – this scandal’s old news to everyone but you.