It’s a rarity for political parties to spring up and to die in American politics, but it feels like the time has come for the GOP to go the way of the Whigs. The Democrats are hell-bent on re-making America in this sick, megalomaniacal, episode of “Extreme Makeover: Communist Edition” and will stop at nothing to make their nightmare our reality.

If the GOP cannot be made into a vessel for an even more determined, passionate and committed opposition to all the Democrats would force upon is, then our nation will fall. This rebuilding cannot happen while the enemy resides within. One must first exterminate the termites before replacing the eaten-out planks will do any good.

For the sake or the party, and more than that, for the sake of our republic, Senator Olympia Snowe and those like her must be taken by the nape of the neck and the seat of the pants, and thrown out of the Republican Party on their keisters.