Obama supporter Michael Russnow asked the same question at the liberal site the Huffington Post.

“Whatever one might feel about Obama, he has not earned this singular award,” Russnow wrote. “Few American presidents have received it and of those who have it was bestowed after they’d been engaged in something special…. I believe it is enormously premature for Obama to be getting this great tribute, which to a certain extent cheapens the prior recipients and the work all of them performed over so many years.”

Richard Kim at the Nation rattled off a list of deeds liberals are still waiting for Mr. Obama to accomplish before they deem him worthy of the prize: “Fully closing Gitmo and restoring civil liberties and compliance with the Geneva Conventions; negotiating with Iran in good faith; withdrawing from Iraq and, of course, withdrawal from Afghanistan. Escalation, or even maintaining the status quo there, would alone discredit this award in history’s eyes.”