The benefit of the doubt given to politicians is a dangerous superstition. When the government exceeds its essential duties, and begins taking control of industries, the referees are leaping onto the field and tackling the players. In fact, they’re taking the players down at gunpoint. The government demands you take a great deal on faith – far more than even the most eccentric businessman. The most unrealistic part of our health care thought experiment is the idea that we’d be expected to let the billionaire’s people write their health-care plan behind closed doors, without worrying our little heads about the details. No contractor would pitch the biggest bid of his life with such ridiculous expectations… but that is exactly what President Obama and the Democrats expect from you. In fact, they demand it.

You might object that our hypothetical health-care mogul could turn out to be a fool, or a crook. He might rack up tremendous cost over-runs, discovering that his $500 billion bid was far too low… and the government might tear open that cushion full of tax dollars, and begin stuffing more billions into his hands. You’d be wise to express those concerns. I would suggest the only reliable way to address them is to place your trust in neither politicians nor billionaires, and demand the right to control your own health insurance. Make providers fight for your business, let the markets keep them efficient, insist the government keep them honest, and spare yourself the trillion-dollar betrayal of a faith you should never allow anyone to require from you.