We should be clear that we’re far past the point of “taking care of the needy.” If the sole objectives of the federal government were national security and providing charity for the truly indigent, it would be a fraction of its current size. We could provide health-care benefits to those who truly cannot afford or receive coverage for a relatively modest cost, since this group is far smaller than the figures Democrats like to use when they frighten voters into supporting their plans. We certainly don’t have to spend trillions of deficit dollars we don’t have, and shred what remains of our Constitution by nationalizing the medical insurance industry, and eventually medicine itself.

In an atmosphere of perpetual crisis, in which the central government is portrayed as the only possible savior, its dependents always become starving orphans, and Uncle Sam is always dressed in a nun’s habit. The public desperately needs to outgrow this nonsense. You don’t need nine trillion dollars in deficit spending to feed the poor. This fantastically generous nation casts three hundred billion votes in favor of charity every year, with every dollar its people freely donate. To suggest that lethal government force is required to ensure compassion for the destitute is an insult to every one of those voluntary donors.