Since my segment on the Mark Levin Show, quite a few folks in my community have called me a “Coon,” a “Sellout,” and quite a few other incendiary things I won’t waste my time repeating. One dear friend even had the gall to ask if I were “selling my soul” to get a job on FoxNews, evidently having missed my near 30 appearances on MSNBC within the last two months…

[U]nemployment was last reported at 9.7 percent. While it’s at 8.9 percent in the White Community and over 12 percent in the Hispanic Community, it was at 15.1 percent in a black community, which accounts for approximately 12.5 percent of America’s population. That amounts to nearly 1-out-of-7 African-Americans being unemployed in our country while Obama keeps talking about a Public Option with Healthcare devoid of significant Tort Reform.

Yet, these folks have a problem with ME???

Excuse my ignorance. I just don’t get it!!!